MAK WING's art

MAK Wing was born in Hong Kong and grew up in a family of craftsmanship. At the age of 15, he became an art apprentice and was engaged in hand-painting wallpaper, various Chinese traditional folk art and craft etc. Hence he had learned classic and modern art of both Chinese and Western. Moreover, he studied Chinese painting, calligraphy and seal carving after different masters. Mid 70s, Mak had further study in drawing, graphic design etc. 80s, he traveled around mainland China, exploring folk art, researching on different clans’ culture, living, mural, lacquer work, batik etc.

In 1982, Mak stayed in Kyoto for half of a year to comprehend the development of oriental art in Japan. Meanwhile, he painted a lot of kimonos and studied Japanese folk art and craft. Afterwards, he has continued his art career and the work on promoting cultural and art projects in Hong Kong. Mak’s art piece had been elected in the Hong Kong Art Biennial exhibition. Since 1996 he has been involved in the activities of Niigata - Hong Kong Cultural Exchange every year. Mak was the chairman of Artist Commune. He has been selected to be an examiner of the Visual Art Committee of Hong Kong Arts Development Council since 2001. Recently, Mak has been doing research and promotion on the art of Song Dynasty Imperial Academy of Painting. Applying modern methods to tradition, he has been dealing with a series of paintings about seabed life. Such topic is rarely happened in oriental art.